Contracting me

I'm happy to hear that you consider contracting me. I'm always happy to help and did that a lot in the past. Fortunately, many projects contact me for consulting and some initial assistance. The drawback is that the number of requests is so large that I can't offer this "for free" any longer. In my previous position I had some research budget that I could spend freely, but this is not possible any further as I'm now self-employed.

You can contract me for small and large contracts. If you want to contract me, there are couple of options:

My hourly rate in 2024 is 120 USD / 110 EUR per hour. If you plan to contract me, I'd appreciate if you get in touch beforehand so that we can ensure that I can actually help you. Please send your request to For further information regarding my company (e.g., address or VAT number), please check the imprint.